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Wellbeing Entrepreneur Bianca Cheah Gets Candid About Her Love For Fitness!

As one of Australia’s driving wellness and health business visionaries, Bianca Cheah is a photo of shining wellbeing. A specialist, business visionary, mark envoy and one of the nation’s most prominent models, Bianca is a compel to be figured with and is devoted to sharing her wellbeing and wellbeing reasoning to Australia and the world.

With a foundation in plan, media and both the magnificence and wellness ventures, the Queensland-conceived excellence has spent the previous decade turning into an expert on wellbeing, trendy living and prosperity. Seeing a crevice in the market for a slick wellbeing and wellness webpage, Bianca propelled a blog called Sporteluxe in December 2012 and in under a year changed it into the nation’s most creative and energizing computerized distribution.

Today as originator and Managing Director of Sporteluxe.com, Bianca is the substance of Sporteluxe as well as administers the technique and bearing, is the main impetus behind the brand and has assembled the go-to site for everything luxury wellbeing, luxury wellness and luxury living and has now turned into a smaller than expected wellbeing realm for the individuals who search out motivation day by day. The Bianca Cheah realm keeps on developing as she sets out on various energizing new coordinated efforts, activities and business wanders in the magnificence and wellbeing circles.

Lets meet the elate Bianca Cheah, who strolls us through her unimaginable expert voyage in a select meeting with Namita Nayyar, President Women Fitness.

Ms. Namita Nayyar:

As the Founder and Managing Director of the main computerized distribution Sporteluxe.com, you are a shining picture of wellbeing and one of Australia’s most classy spokespersons for wellbeing and wellness. Walk us through your mind blowing wellness trip and disclose to us how everything started?

Ms. Bianca Cheah:

As a youngster, I grew up around exceptionally dynamic guardians, [so] it’s sort of the standard for me. My dad is an ace in Tae kwon do and holds one of the most astounding dans in Australia, so wellness has been inserted into me since the good ‘ol days.

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