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Standard Knitting Waterfall

Today we need to share a beautiful and exquisite hairdo. This is a 4 strand waterfall that will awe loved ones.

Things Needed: Brush, rodent tail brush, splash bottle, hair elastics, bobby pins, and hairspray {if desired}.

Time Requirement: 5-10 minutes

Ability Level: Hard

Well ordered Instructions:

1. Part your hair to the other side.

2. Pick up a little segment of hair on the solid side of the part.

3. Divide into 4 pieces. We will name them 1-4. The most astounding strand (nearest to the highest point of the head) will be number 1, and afterward go down 2,3,4.

4. Cross strand 1 under strand 2 and over strand 3.

5. Now take strand 4 over strand 3 and under strand 2.

6. Now we begin once more, name the strands 1-4. #1 is the most astounding strand. Just this time get another area of hair at the top and add to strand 1 preceding you begin step 4.

7. Then you get a little bit of hair and add to #4 and rehash step 5.

8. Start over again and name pieces 1-4. #1 is the most elevated strand. Rehash step 6.

9. This time, before you begin with strand 4… .. drop strand 4, get another piece to supplant strand 4. Traverse strand 3 and under strand 2.

10. Repeat stages 8 and 9 until you achieve the opposite side of your head. Stop your water fall and do two or three 3 strand mesh lines to secure your interlace.

11. Secure your plait as near the head as conceivable with a little versatile.

12. Go back and flapjack the edges of your interlace to make more volume.

13. Pick up a little segment of hair from the front of the opposite side of the head (inverse of where you began your plait), turn in reverse and lay over your versatile. Secure with a bobby stick.

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