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Pair Bold Eyeshadow With Sharp Brows

At whatever time I wear striking hues on my covers, I jump at the chance to match them with sharp temples… however by “sharp,” I don’t really mean hyper etched, super etched, pointy Insta-foreheads. I simply mean a perfect, filled-in, all around prepped match of eyebrows to offset your look.

When you wear brights on your covers and leave your temples untidy or untamed, it can resemble something’s wrong at the top… like something isn’t exactly right, or like your eye look is base substantial.

In case will go to the push to wear striking eye hues — be it a basic wash of pink or blue, or a sublime Mardi Gras of colorful cosmetics — going the additional mile to fill in your temples and run a forehead gel through them can truly entwine your look.

What’s more, the striking shadow/sharp temples matching appears to run well with a wide range of various intense eye looks, as well. Fundamentally, when my foreheads aren’t a piece of the condition, something certainly looks off…

Next time you wear striking eyeshadow (and I trust you do soon!), remember this tip to take your eyes to the following level. 🙂

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P.S. Upbeat Tuesday.

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