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Demi Lovato Shows Even More Hair for Her Awards

Precisely one month back Demi Lovato wore long hair augmentations on celebrity central at the 2017 Grammys. Also, now, Demi Lovato wears significantly shorter hair. The 24-year old artist lyricist is going for a very different look nowadays. The previous evening, Lovato swapped her more drawn out hair expansions for …

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Disney Princess Hairstyles

This no-warm twisting procedure is like that of “cloth twists” or “paper pack twists” that a large portion of our grandmas utilized on our mothers when they were close to nothing. The thought is to take little areas of somewhat soggy hair, wrap/move them firmly with a straw, and after …

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Hair Pili Hair Curls

Today we will demonstrate to you industry standards to make Hair Pin Curls, an instructional exercise that we’ve been holding up about a year to show you. The twist set we use here isn’t likely one you would utilize each day, however it is PERFECT for Halloween!!! Things Needed: Brush, …

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