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Bailey’s Armored Twist

For quite a while, individuals couldn’t let me know and my twin sister, Brooklyn, separated, so I chose to trim my hair and give it to philanthropy. As far back as I’ve had my hair at this mid length, I’ve been doing these wand twists. So a number of our …

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Best Hair Styling for a Hat

Caps can conceal a large number of hair sins, as not washing your hair for at least 3 days or simply being plain apathetic when you go to bed with wet hair since you didn’t have a craving for blowing it dry (blameworthy on both checks!). One of my most …

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Impulse Cosmetics Enchanted Rose Eyeshadows and Glossy Shine

A standout amongst the most notable pictures from toon variant of Beauty and the Beast is seemingly the captivated rose. With the new Impulse Cosmetics Enchanted Rose Eyeshadows and Glitters, the gleaming blossom that facinated me as a child is enlivened in cosmetics frame. Growing up, my sister and I …

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