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Know Your Hair Type

Sleek HAIR


• Strands independent and adhere to your head.


• Shampoo as regularly as important regardless of the possibility that that implies ordinary.

• Use a gentle cleanser.

• Use almost no cleanser.

• Put a conditioner on the finishes unless the hair is slick.

• Don’t utilize excessively hot a hairdryer.

• Don’t brush or brush more than would normally be appropriate.

Exceptional TREATMENTS

To help decrease sebum creation utilize 2 3/4 pints of water with the strained juice of 1 lemon included for the last wash in the wake of shampooing.



• Tangles effectively, weak


• Shampoo your hair each 4-6 days.

• Use a mellow cleanser.

• Use a cream conditioner after each cleanser, sifting it altogether through the hair and abandoning it on for a couple of minutes before washing.

Exceptional TREATMENTS

• Massage 2 tablespoon of warm olive of almond oil into your hair.

• Wrap your head in a warm sodden towel or a plastic turban and keep it on for no less than 30 minutes.

• Do this each 3-4 weeks.

Blend HAIR


• Oily roots/dry closures (most regular sort)


• Adapt the rules above for your own hair sort.

Source: The entire manual of wellness and prosperity

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