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Hairdo Curly Styler

• The pig tail styler can likewise be utilized to tame a mass of twists, making a braid with a basic twofold contort. Utilize a brush with broadly divided teeth to smooth the hair back and into a pig tail. Secure with a secured band.

• Insert the styler.

• Thread the pig tail through the styler.

• Begin to pull the styler down… …

• … keep pulling… ..

• ..so that the pig tail pull through.

• Repeat the progression 3 to 6.

• Apply a little mouse to your hands and utilize it to re-frame the twists, scrunching to accomplish a decent shape.

Styling Checklist

• Time: 5 minutes

• Ease/Difficulty: Easy

• Hair sort: Long and actually twist or permed

You will require

• Widely dispersed tooth brush

• Covered Bands

• Ponytail Styler

• Mousse

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