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Greater Better Ponytail

Ever think about how celebs go from having short hair to having an extravagant pig tail? Reply: Hair Extensions!

In spite of the fact that there are loads of alternatives out available for genuine clasp on braids, I jump at the chance to utilize my consistent clasp in hair expansions to take my pig tail from rec center to glitz. Taking a gander at the photograph beneath you could never figure that my hair is marginally past my shoulders, right?!

Despite the fact that it’s somewhat of a dubious procedure, uncovered with me! It will be justified, despite all the trouble. Simply take a gander at the previously, then after the fact. What a distinction!

How about we get serious. The initial phase in the process is to segment out a modest pig tail amidst your crown zone. On the off chance that you need a higher pig tail, a side braid, or a lower pig tail, change the position of your first littler pig tail (see photograph underneath) to the region you wish your last pig tail to be found.

Next, include a littler clasp in expansion to the top and underneath side of this first pig tail.

After you’ve secured your first layer of clasp in augmentations, segment off an edge of hair from around the principal braid, add it to the first pig tail, and secure it with another fastener. Side note: I get a kick out of the chance to utilize littler plastic fasteners for the internal pig tails, and after that safe the last braid with a more grounded clasp.

Include another layer of clasp in expansions to this new braid.

At that point segment off another border, add it to the past pig tail and secure it with another pin. Since my hair is fairly thick, I included another layer of clasp in augmentation (see photograph beneath). In any case, on the off chance that you have more slender hair, it is imperative that you not include an excessive number of layers of hair augmentations in the event that they appear through your external layer of hair. You should be your own judge on how much hair to include, yet since you are doing this in layers it is anything but difficult to backpedal to the past stride and expel a layer of clasp in expansions if need be, then continue forward.

After you’ve included the coveted measure of clasp in hair expansions, assemble whatever is left of your hair, and secure it with a last, more grounded fastener. The last stride to this procedure is to discover a portion of the more clear shorter bits of your characteristic hair and wrap them around the pig tail. For my situation, I have a thicker segments to wrap around, however in the event that your hair is fine or thin you will not have to “conceal” so much hair. Once more, this is thoroughly up to your watchfulness and how you need the last pig tail to look! Once you’ve wrapped the shorter segments around the pig tail you should secure them with bobby pins, making a point to point the bobby sticks specifically into the elastic band.

Once you’ve aced this layering procedure you can likewise utilize it for different hairdos, for example, a major lovely bun! The conceivable outcomes are inestimable.

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