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3 Steps to Updo or Perfect Knot Machine Models

Adir Abergel has styled the hair of about each A-lister for honors appears. His calling card: updos that are provocative, untidy, and cool. Here, he makes a hitched updo in three simple strides.

1. Make surfaces. (Yes, two of them.) “The duality of a sharp compositional bunch and delicateness wherever else is the thing that makes them so wonderful,” says Abergel. He begins with a smooth victory, utilizes grease to shape the bunch and smooth down the sides, and showers a texturizer wherever else.

2. Consider where to put your bunch. On short hair, a smooth low bunch gives length; on thick hair, as mara Rooney’s (over), a half-up look evacuates mass; and on fine hair, a topknot can be prodded before it’s turned to give the fantasy of totality.

3. Go for sculptural. Once you’ve nailed down the position, accumulate your hair into a pig tail and secure with a versatile. Part the tail into two segments and give them a pull so that the sides fix and the top remains delicate. At that point bend your pig tail until it loops on itself and secure it with two pins. There’s your hitched updo.

Supplies: One of the greatest hair botches you can make: swiping or spritzing on a lot of item. “That can take away a great part of the gloss from the hair,” says Abergel. In his sack, he keeps items that are too light to exaggerate:

Ouai Texturizing Hair Spray , Bumble and Bumble Semisumo grease, and Oribe Superfine Hair Spray.

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