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2 Ways To Wear A Flower Crown

Here’s a basic instructional exercise for how to wear a bloom crown in your hair in two simple ways.

Wearing blooms in your hair is one of my most loved things. To me, it’s ideal spring/summer hair.

It may appear like you need an occasion to wear a crown, yet you don’t need to.

Blossom crowns are an exquisite detail for weddings or occasion yet you shouldn’t need to spare them for extraordinary events. I say on the off chance that you like it, you ought to wear it as regularly as would be prudent. Bloom crowns make for cool celebration hair as well.

Draw out your internal bohemian and add some fanciful notion to a general day. Try not to spare things for events or you may never wear them by any stretch of the imagination.


Bloom crowns are currently such a great amount of less demanding to discover. I lifted this one up from Lovisa and I’ve seen all the high road chain stores offering renditions of late. I are very brave my faves at the base of this post.

In case you’re to a greater extent a DIY sort, look at my DIY bloom crowns with seven distinct instructional exercises for new and artificial blossom crowns.


Whichever rendition you lean toward, my greatest tip for wearing bloom crowns is to make a hairdo underneath to help hold them set up. Some blossom crowns can be overwhelming, so you require some kind of hair framework to hold them up.

Take after this half-up curve instructional exercise as observed above for a basic style to hold your blossom crown set up. You could likewise attempt this mesh instructional exercise as well.

The most effective method to WEAR A FLOWER CROWN – FRONT TUTORIAL

So this is the run of the mill approach to wear a bloom crown, with the blossoms sitting along your hairline or on top of your head.

• Leave a few layers out around your face. Not exclusively does this make it more agreeable to wear, as the crown lays on your hair, not on your skin, but rather it’s so delicate and pretty as well.

• If you like to have all your hair off your face, at first forget some hair and afterward stick it back once the crown is set up.

• Pin set up. Once you’re content with how the blossoms are sitting, utilize a clip or bobby stick to secure it set up.

Step by step instructions to WEAR A FLOWER CROWN – BACK TUTORIAL

An option variant is to keep it basic at the front and gathering at the back, this way.

• Follow a similar hairdo instructional exercise for the half-up bend as you will require additional support with this style. Alternately wear any contort or interlace style that you like.

• Fold or tuck in any closures. You have to make a half-crown of blooms, so tuck in or trim any strips. In the event that you have a full bloom crown you can crease it or slice it to make this half-crown shape.

• Secure the crown to your hairdo. Get some bobby pins or clips and associate your contort haircut to your blossom crown. Likewise stick through to append to whatever is left of your hair as well. This will make it more secure so you won’t need to stress over it dropping out.


In the event that you would prefer not to DIY, then here are some of my picks for the cutest blossom crowns you can purchase now.

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